Homemade Heart Marshmallows for Valentine’s Day

It’s our Pin of the Day featuring Homemade Heart Marshmallows from Belly Full! Enjoy this creamy treat with a mug of your favorite hot chocolate.

Haunting Halloween Treats — Candy Apple Edition

We’re back and rounding up the best Halloween Candy Apples for part one of our Haunting Halloween Treats series. Start planning your Halloween festivities now with these spooky, tasty treats that will thrill kids big and small and give you dentist the sugariest of all scares.

Start this Halloween off with these wickedly delicious poison toffee apples from Simply Delicious.

Candy apples dipped in white chocolate and dripping in candy blood will leave the vampires in awe.

Even the pickiest of witches won’t be able to turn down these candy apples.

If Goth Life is your thing, these sparkly black candy apples will be the highlight of your party.

The tiniest of witches will haunt any table these Witchtastic carmel apples adorn.

If chocolate covered apples are your jam, check our these Halloween candy apples which are sure to please any palate.

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Patriotic Pins You’ll Adore

We’ve been over on Pinterest checking out all of the fun Patriotic Pins that are being shared and pinned. Our spirits are lifted and we’re ready to celebrate this Independence Day with some tasty treats and crafts created by some incredibly talented people. Here are a few of our favorites that will soon become your favorites as well!

These tasty Patriotic Marshmallow Wands from Two Sisters Crafting will keep your guests talking and only you will know how simple they were to make! They’re a tasty treat, no campfire needed!

Happiness is Homemade made fun to eat Patriotic Oreo Pops for the 4th of July. The stick helps keep little hands clean and makes it easier when dunking in a glass of icy cold milk. Genius!

It wouldn’t be a holiday celebration if we didn’t share a pin from the Doyenne of Domestic, Martha Stewart. We love this Patriotic color scheme.

Capital B created this Ruffly Patriotic Wreath Tutorial that’s simple and gorgeous.

Bring year-round Americana into your home with this gorgeous 4th of July Ribbon Wreath with your from Landeelu.

Clothespins are easy to paint and put together to create this Red, White and Blue wreath from Preciously Paired. It’s a craft little helpers will love to help with!

Fireworks rings made from sparkly tinsel stems are perfect for making a statement every time you use your hands!

Do you have a favorite craft or tasty treat you think we should know about? Share it in the comments!

7 Letterpress Christmas Cards That Will Send You to the Top of Everyone’s List!

Christmas card giving is like a competitive sport or high school clique. Did they send me a card last year? No? Mass produced and no handwritten note for them! Small shops require extra time to print or letterpress your cards in time for the holiday season, so allow us to help you kick-start your search with our carefully selected selection of letterpress Christmas Cards from Etsy that will make your cards the must-have of the season!

50 Letterpress is creating gorgeous Christmas cards on their antique Chandler & Price Letterpress. This card is hand-penned and pressed on 110lb Crane Lettra pearl white soft cotton paper, making them as unique as you.

Letterpress Christmas Cards that will send you to the top of the Christmas Card list!

Echo Letterpress has created a card filled with tangled Christmas lights that would make Clark W. Griswold agree with the sentiment “Every @*%#! Year.” Don’t let the pesky tangles make your Christmas card plans go awry. With these letterpress beauties, you’ll have plenty of time for your own Griswold style shenanigans.

Letterpress Christmas Cards that will make your card the most sought after this holiday season!

Simply elegant is how we’d describe the Ho Ho Ho cards from Cardamom Press. Each card features a sprig of holly and a jolly “ho ho ho!” on the outside. The blank insides make them a perfect choice for season’s greetings, thank you notes, or even invites to your holiday festivities.

Ho Ho Ho Cards Letterpress Christmas Cards from Cardamom Press will ensure your Christmas Cards are the most coveted this season.

Santa can’t believe you made the nice list and this letterpress Christmas card from Lemon Zest Press will elicit a hearty Ho Ho Ho from family and friends while the most difficult thing you’ll have to do this season is decide who goes on which list.

Santa can't believe you made the nice list! 7 Letterpress Christmas Cards for 2015!

Send family and friends greetings with Scripture based Christmas cards  from Studio 3 Eleven. They’ll imprint your name at the bottom to personalize your cards and giving them that something extra.

7 Letterpress Christmas Cards that will make your card the most coveted of the season!

Ink Meets Paper has created this joyful “Joy” letterpress card set. The design was hand drawn by co-owner Allison Nadeau and pressed onto Crane Lettra 110lb pearl white paper.It will certainly bring joy to any recipient on your list.

Bring "Joy" to all of your loved ones this season with these letterpress Christmas Cards!

The Blue Birds Decorate card from Vandalia Street Press is simple and perfect to send to friends and family. Tiny blue birds decorate a tree void of its leaves with red baubles, preparing it for the holiday season.

Blue Birds Decorating a Christmas Tree is one of 7 letterpress Christmas Cards that will make your holidays brighter.

7 Hauntingly Creative DIY Halloween Wreaths

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Halloween is just a few weeks away and we’ve been searching hi and low most hauntingly creative DIY Halloween wreaths around. Now is the time to get prepping and make your front door just as Spook-tacular as your costume. From the syrupy sweet to spooky, your front door will be the best dressed on the block this Halloween!

7 Hauntingly Creative DIY Halloween Wreaths

1. Candy Corn Wreath: We’re feeling super sweet about this Candy Corn Wreath. It’s low in calories and we’re pretty sure your dentist will thank you! (via Heather from WhipperBerry for The House of Smiths)

7 Hauntingly Creative DIY Halloween Wreaths

2. Halloween Mummy Wreath: Trick or treaters will wonder who’s watching them as they walk up to the front door and see a set eyes watching them. No tricks will happen while your Halloween Mummy Wreath is on watch. (via Pretty Providence)

7 Hauntingly Creative DIY Halloween Wreaths

3. Glam Witch Crash: Your neighbors will be ready to file a fly-by report with the Witches Council after seeing this front door incident. (via The Alison Show)

7 Hauntingly Creative DIY Halloween Wreaths

4.   Paper Plate and Cookies Sprinkles Wreath: The burnt paper on this wreath shares ominous, haunting beauty. (via Blue Sky Confections)

7 Hauntingly Creative DIY Halloween Wreaths

5. Halloween Raven Wreath: Edgar Allan Poe would be shouting “Nevermore” if he were to catch a glimpse of this macabre raven wreath hanging on your front door. (via Create Craft Love)

7 Hauntingly Creative DIY Halloween Wreaths

6. Halloween Mini Wreath: Make your Halloween traditional and trendy with this adorable wreath that incorporates a healthy dose of whimsy. (via Create Craft Love)

7 Hauntingly Creative DIY Halloween Wreaths

7. Spooky Eyeball Wreath: Do you ever feel like someone is watching you? The entire neighborhood will be on watch when they catch a glimpse of this ocular oddity! (via A Pretty Life)

7 Hauntingly Creative DIY Halloween Wreaths

Best Halloween Costumes for Your Pet on Etsy!

Halloween is just around the corner, and we’ve found the best Halloween costumes for your pet on Etsy!

Dress up your favorite pooch with this two piece witch costume from Bellas Fancy Wardrobe. It includes a fringe trim tiered dress (including an easy front closure) with an attached petticoat and jaunty witch hat.

The best pet Halloween costumes on Etsy!

Does your kitty want to join in the Halloween fun? This Hissy Witch hat for Halloween is the perfect choice for the most finicky felines. Hand felted witch hat (100% wool) with a brown felt ribbon around, and a metal buckle. A thin elastic strap helps this mini hat stay in place, without discomfort for the animal.

The best pet Halloween costumes on Etsy

“Bless my soul it’s Harry Potter.” This Harry Potter themed pet costume features a black cape, and a shirt and tie collar in the Gryffindor house colors. (Other house colors are available upon request.) This costume is custom made to your pet’s specific measurements to provide a comfortable fit, which makes it perfect for Halloween!

The best pet Halloween costumes on Etsy

Are you an Anglophile looking for a bespoke costume fit for a pooch princess? This Elizabeth the First custom order will ensure your pampered pet strolls down the street a Halloween costume that is as regal as she.

The best pet Halloween costumes on Etsy

Do you have a favorite handmade pet costume? Tell us about it in the comments!

We’re Batty Over Halloween

We’re going batty over Halloween! My mother used to have a rubber bat that she would hook to the ceiling fan every October and it would fly around the living room. Needless to say, Halloween was always a little precarious, as the string the bat was attached to would occasionally loosen and send it flying across the living room. I’m pretty sure that my reflexes are what they are today thanks to Mom and her Halloween bat. The bat is long gone so I’m sending her these fun batty crafts from Etsy so she can test the reflexes of her Grandchildren, just like she tested those of my sister and me.

Naomi over at fuzzonme has created this fun, needled felted plush loop Felt Halloween Bat that has an adorable yellow pumpkin. This is the kind of bat you want whizzing around the living room on the ceiling fan. (The bat comes with a linen string, I’d switch it out to something heavier duty if attaching to the ceiling fan, like fishing line.)

Felt Halloween Bat from fuzzonme

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t share a second helping of adorable Batty Halloween Fun from fuzzonme. Her shop is too adorable and this Halloween Witch Hat Bat (say that 5 times really fast) brings out the “WANT” in me.

Halloween Felt Witch Hat Bat by fuzzonme

Vinyl Halloween Bat Decals by stickythingz are handmade and cut in the U.S. from premium Oracal vinyl. While they’re not reusable, they are affordable, paint safe, and come in three different sizes and last for one year. If I knew I wouldn’t wake my teen up, I’d go in his room while he’s asleep and paste these all over the ceiling for a Halloween prank.

Halloween Bat Decals from stickythingz

Adorn yourself with handmade black skull earrings with black brass and verdigris bat charms from skeptis in Toronto. She’ll also swap the ear wires for hypoallergenic Niobium for those with sensitive ears.

Halloween Skull and Bat earrings

The Little EV shop from Ireland has hand sewn and punched from heavy (250 -290gsm) cardstock in black and glitter card paper in gold cardstock that she’s turned into Halloween Bat Garland. Since these are made to order, if you don’t live in the United States, you won’t receive them in time for Halloween, but you will be ready for next year!

Halloween Bat Garland


Halloween Finds: The spookiest soaps and hats on Etsy

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. The leaves are changing, the air is growing crisper, and we know it won’t be long before little ghouls and goblins grace our doorstep in their quest for treats.

Today, we’re crushing on these great handcrafted items over on Etsy.

Halloween Skull Soaps from AubreyEApothecary. These spooky gothic earl grey and black tea scented soaps will send a chill down the spine of your visitors while leaving them smelling terrific.

Halloween Skull Soap from AmberEApothecary on Etsy

Invite your friends and dazzle them by being the most stylish witch on the block with this Black Halloween Witch Hat by HandiCraftKate. This hand dyed hat is perfect for year round cosplay and will be the best headgear found at your LARPing group. What about the details? Kate has handblocked the hat from 100% wool, which is very soft, breathable, and practically weightless while being completely smooth and entirely seamless.

Felt Halloween Witch Hat from HandiCraft Kate #str8upcrafty

Do you need instant gratification? Enjoy these Halloween digital downloads from Kindertype. Each design features beautiful typography and cute, kid-friendly Halloween graphics in bold black and white (that won’t use all your printer ink!). Display them on the mantle, in the entry way, office or classroom.

Halloween Printables from Kindertype

All of these items are Straight Up Crafty.

Etsy Easter Basket Picks — 2014

Etsy is our one-stop shop for Easter goodies and right now, we’re checking out Easter baskets and goodies we can put in for the kids. Little ones wake up on Easter morning ready for a basket filled with chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and marshmallow chickens. But, we’ve found a few things we like much better than just candy.

1.  Bunny Farts Lip Balm  by Howards Home — $3.50 — This carrot cake flavored lip balm is an all-natural, vegan balm just for little ips. Made to order, the hand-blended ingredients give a smooth, creamy, non-waxy, non-greasy lip balm.

Bunny Farts Lip Balm by Howard's Home

2. Personalized Easter Basket by Dickersons Designs – $45 — A hand-crafted, solid wood Easter basket to be used over and over. Whether the kids are collecting eggs, or displaying their treasures, this basket is available in 10 different finishes Personalized Wooden Easter Basket by Dickerson Designs .

3. Easter Caramel Chocolate Apple by The Atomic Apple — $15 for 2 — One of our favorite treats is chocolate covered apples. There’s much less guilt when eating chocolate surrounding a delicious apple. We’re sure the kids won’t complain.

Chocolate Caramel Covered Apple


4. Easter basket PDF sewing pattern from Birdsong Patterns — $5.95 — This e-book contains 27 pages and more than 60 photographs which show all the steps you’ll need to make this adorable tote. The hardest part will be fabric choices!

PDF Easter Basket

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Valentine’s Day Cards {Etsy Edition}

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is in two weeks? I’m still sitting here wondering how 2013 flew by so quickly. Nothing to cure those time flying by blues like sharing your heart with the ones you love. What better way to do that than to round up a few Valentine’s Day Cards on Etsy.

Old-fashioned Valentine’s Day cards get me *right here* every single time. Especially hand made cards. They say “I cared enough to buy this from someone who put their heart and soul into it” or “I worked really hard to make this card for you and it’s so much better than any card you could ever buy from a store.” No matter what, it’s a small gesture that speaks volume to the recipient.

We are in love with this old-timey Valentine’s Day card by Diamond Dust Studio. Made of craft paper and embroidered with red hearts and scroll work, as well as candy coated messages, it’s the card you send when you want to make a statement.

Old-Timey Valentine's Day Cards by Diamond Dust Designs

Kissing hedgehogs say “Be Mine” in the cutest way possible. Jilly Bean Designs die-cut cards are perfect to send to the big and little kids whose hearts you’re wanting to steal.

Kissing Hedgehogs by Jilly Bean Designs

Printable Milk and Cookies Valentine’s Day cards by Sunday Girl Designs are too sweet! They’re great for a parents. You only have to have your child’s name added to the file, or left blank so they can sign it themselves. Just make sure you have enough ink!

Milk and Cookies Valentine's Day Cards

My husband and I do not buy each other sentimental Valentine’s Day cards, or any cards, unless they can bring us to tears from laughing so hard. Which is why this card, created by Sweet Perversion, is right up my alley.

I love you like a back-alley hooker loves crack.


What is your favorite Valentine’s Day sentiment?