Valentine’s Day Cards {Etsy Edition}

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is in two weeks? I’m still sitting here wondering how 2013 flew by so quickly. Nothing to cure those time flying by blues like sharing your heart with the ones you love. What better way to do that than to round up a few Valentine’s Day Cards on Etsy.

Old-fashioned Valentine’s Day cards get me *right here* every single time. Especially hand made cards. They say “I cared enough to buy this from someone who put their heart and soul into it” or “I worked really hard to make this card for you and it’s so much better than any card you could ever buy from a store.” No matter what, it’s a small gesture that speaks volume to the recipient.

We are in love with this old-timey Valentine’s Day card by Diamond Dust Studio. Made of craft paper and embroidered with red hearts and scroll work, as well as candy coated messages, it’s the card you send when you want to make a statement.

Old-Timey Valentine's Day Cards by Diamond Dust Designs

Kissing hedgehogs say “Be Mine” in the cutest way possible. Jilly Bean Designs die-cut cards are perfect to send to the big and little kids whose hearts you’re wanting to steal.

Kissing Hedgehogs by Jilly Bean Designs

Printable Milk and Cookies Valentine’s Day cards by Sunday Girl Designs are too sweet! They’re great for a parents. You only have to have your child’s name added to the file, or left blank so they can sign it themselves. Just make sure you have enough ink!

Milk and Cookies Valentine's Day Cards

My husband and I do not buy each other sentimental Valentine’s Day cards, or any cards, unless they can bring us to tears from laughing so hard. Which is why this card, created by Sweet Perversion, is right up my alley.

I love you like a back-alley hooker loves crack.


What is your favorite Valentine’s Day sentiment?

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