Halloween Finds: The spookiest soaps and hats on Etsy

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. The leaves are changing, the air is growing crisper, and we know it won’t be long before little ghouls and goblins grace our doorstep in their quest for treats.

Today, we’re crushing on these great handcrafted items over on Etsy.

Halloween Skull Soaps from AubreyEApothecary. These spooky gothic earl grey and black tea scented soaps will send a chill down the spine of your visitors while leaving them smelling terrific.

Halloween Skull Soap from AmberEApothecary on Etsy

Invite your friends and dazzle them by being the most stylish witch on the block with this Black Halloween Witch Hat by HandiCraftKate. This hand dyed hat is perfect for year round cosplay and will be the best headgear found at your LARPing group. What about the details? Kate has handblocked the hat from 100% wool, which is very soft, breathable, and practically weightless while being completely smooth and entirely seamless.

Felt Halloween Witch Hat from HandiCraft Kate #str8upcrafty

Do you need instant gratification? Enjoy these Halloween digital downloads from Kindertype. Each design features beautiful typography and cute, kid-friendly Halloween graphics in bold black and white (that won’t use all your printer ink!). Display them on the mantle, in the entry way, office or classroom.

Halloween Printables from Kindertype

All of these items are Straight Up Crafty.

Father’s Day {pin of the day}

Father’s Day is Sunday. It’s the one day that’s all about Dad. This celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood cries out for something crafty. After all, how many ties can Dad own? We spent some time on Pinterest and found a fun collection of pins which take a little time and whole lot of love to complete for Dad or Grandpa. Which reminds us, we have to get busy, our presents aren’t going to make themselves!

Check out our Father’s Day Board on Pinterest!

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Wedding Cakes {Pin of the Day}

Weddings cakes are the sweet surprise for the bride and groom on their wedding day. (Be nice, y’all!) We’re great fans of wedding cakes and always line up to get a pretty slice to nibble on. When we were single gals, we’d take a piece of cake home to slip under our pillow in hopes we’d dream of our future mates. They never quite made it under our pillow as we would always wind up having “just a nibble” for a midnight snack and polishing it off.

After scouring Pinterest for some of the most beautiful weddings cakes we’ve seen, we’re sharing a few here. Yes, it’s normally a “pin of the day,” but why not pin several of our favorite weddings cakes. Here’s to sweet dreams for everyone!

Wedding Program Fans {Pin of the day}

Wedding program fans are new to us and, quite frankly, a little slice of heaven. We’ve sat outside at many outdoor weddings, plagued by bugs and the imminent thunderstorm sitting just over the hill. Worse, the church or venue which only turned their air conditioning on that morning and hasn’t cooled off the inside to accommodate the throng of family and friends as you celebrate your special day.

What we love about these programs is they are an easy DIY effort. All it takes is ribbon, your program printed on heavy stock, cut in the shape you want, and wooden craft sticks. The most delicate matron won’t be affected by the heat as she cools herself with your wedding program fans.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer {Pin of the Day}

The month of June means weddings. After all at some point in her life every girl has wanted to be a June bride. Leticia went against tradition and was married in August. Lisa was a rebel and married in mid-September. We remember overwhelming details, lists galore, and wondering how we’d get it all done. Saying “I Do” was a piece of (wedding) cake.

Planning your wedding is helped when you know which questions to ask. Our pin of the day is all about the wedding photographer and which questions you need to be asking. It’s a great diagram to guide you so the only thing you have to worry about on your wedding day is floating down the aisle to your partner and saying your vows.

(Click on the pin to open in a new window and read full size.)

Blush Spring Floral Centerpiece — Pin of the Day

Wedding fever is still strong here in Straight Up Crafty land. We’ve been pinning wedding items and are enamoured with this blush spring floral centerpiece. It’s perfection.

Down on the Farm

Leticia grew up in the city and Lisa grew up in the country. Deep down inside, they both love the farmhouse look, gardening, canning, and all things which help make a farm girl. After a weekend of baking strawberry rhubarb pies and perfecting our yellow cake recipes, we’re looking to get our toes into the warm earth while working in our gardens.

As we continue our farm style obsession, we’re over at Etsy looking for great items for our home, imagining adding it to our decor.

Our first find is this great rustic, distressed farm sign by SunFla. It’s as fresh as newly turned earth and we both want it for our kitchen.

Farm Fresh on Etsy by SunFla

Photographs are a great way to dress up any home. This country kitchen photography shot by Marisa Kestel of a gorgeous egg, whisk and bowl creates the imagery of the perfect artisan breakfast.

The Artisan Breakfast

Imagine sitting down after a long day for a small snack and enjoying it on your Footed Platte™ from Grays Work Design. Made of rustic cherry wood and hand-rubbed with olive oil to protect the finish, it’s perfect to sit at while you peel an apple, or enjoy a heavier snack of charcuterie and wine.

Footed Platte™ by Gray Works Designs

Add a rustic touch to your entryway, kitchen, or bathroom with this handpainted, wooden farm fresh sign from Djantle on Etsy. It has a polyurethane clear coat to help protect it from the elements, while keeping the paint fresh and the wood sealed.  Farm Fresh


Fried Chicken and Waffles: Pin of the Day

We’re starting a fun new feature and that’s a pin of the day from Pinterest. It’s an idea we’ve been toying with and there’s no time like the present! Seeing as how we both spend a good bit of time on Pinterest (do you blame us), it’s only natural we share what we’re finding and pinning here with our lovely readers and fans.

Today’s Pin of the Day is from The Kitchn — a fried chicken and waffle sandwich. Crispy fried chicken is combined with golden, syrupy waffles and crisp cool lettuce. Please pass the bibs!

Weddings: A Feathery Affair

Weddings make us swoon. We await those beautiful invitations and will show up with handkerchiefs in hand to celebrate the beautiful day of loved ones. Who are we kidding, Lisa loves weddings so much, she’ll go to a complete strangers wedding if invited. Don’t believe us? Show her engraved stationary and she’s marking her calendar.

Today, we were ooh’ing and aah’ing over the stylish feather accessories on Etsy for weddings. There are so many amazing items we had to stop and share.

Fascinators are an easy to way to add a gorgeous hair accessory without requiring too much weight. They’re made for a semi-formal wedding and this bridal feather fascinator from Alice Hart Couture is absolutely lovely. The ivory flower combined with goose and ostrich feather and a crystal in the center helps the blushing bride make a fun, elegant statement.

Weddings: A Feathery Occasion {www.straightupcrafty.com}


For the bride with a little spring in her step, “bow” rhinestone/pearl and ostrich feather shoe adornments from Feathers and Frills have been featured in Martha Stewart weddings. Add a little fluttery movement to your shoes when kicking up your heels while kissing the one you love.

Weddings: A Feathery Affair {www.straightupcrafty.com}

Not wanting to leave out the grooms, Westerwisp has created the perfect raw cotton boll and dark feather boutonniere. It can serve a variety of meanings, whether representing the family farm or a love of the outdoors. Dried lichen and a dried, budded willow branch adds to its rustic appeal.

Weddings: A Feathery Affair {www.straightupcrafty.com}

Our final find this evening are these glorious muslin wedding favor bags. Hand stamped in brown ink with a peacock feather and “thank you,” they are the ideal thing to send a small token of your appreciation home with your guests.

Weddings: A Feathery Affair {www.straightupcrafty.com}

Disclaimer: None of this post was sponsored. We just really like girly wedding stuff and dream of repeating our vows on a mountain in Tibet or Fiji.


Etsy Easter Basket Picks — 2014

Etsy is our one-stop shop for Easter goodies and right now, we’re checking out Easter baskets and goodies we can put in for the kids. Little ones wake up on Easter morning ready for a basket filled with chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and marshmallow chickens. But, we’ve found a few things we like much better than just candy.

1.  Bunny Farts Lip Balm  by Howards Home — $3.50 — This carrot cake flavored lip balm is an all-natural, vegan balm just for little ips. Made to order, the hand-blended ingredients give a smooth, creamy, non-waxy, non-greasy lip balm.

Bunny Farts Lip Balm by Howard's Home

2. Personalized Easter Basket by Dickersons Designs – $45 — A hand-crafted, solid wood Easter basket to be used over and over. Whether the kids are collecting eggs, or displaying their treasures, this basket is available in 10 different finishes Personalized Wooden Easter Basket by Dickerson Designs .

3. Easter Caramel Chocolate Apple by The Atomic Apple — $15 for 2 — One of our favorite treats is chocolate covered apples. There’s much less guilt when eating chocolate surrounding a delicious apple. We’re sure the kids won’t complain.

Chocolate Caramel Covered Apple


4. Easter basket PDF sewing pattern from Birdsong Patterns — $5.95 — This e-book contains 27 pages and more than 60 photographs which show all the steps you’ll need to make this adorable tote. The hardest part will be fabric choices!

PDF Easter Basket

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