We’re Obsessed with Adult Coloring Books

We’ve have been obsessing over adult coloring books for more than year. While our children allow us to color as adults without judgement they’re pretty sure we need to stay in the lines and not stray. Thanks to the renaissance of coloring books, and the genius who helped to create adult coloring books, we are obsessed. Our local craft and bookstores has filled our shelves with coloring books, but we are hunting something new. Today, we’re over at Etsy checking out the latest adult coloring books produced on a small scale.

Adult Coloring Books

Get out your colored pencils and markers and go to town coloring the brand new Coloring Book Volume #3 traveler’s notebook insert by YellowPaperHouse! This coloring book inset goes into your Midori Style Traveler’s notebooks, which means you can take them anywhere. We’re picturing large latte’s filled with caramel and an extended coloring sesh at our local coffee shop!

YellowPaperHouse adult coloring book


If you’re looking for intricate details, check out PaisleyandHazel’s Animal Coloring Book. Made for kids and adults who are looking for coloring books with that extra attention to detail. This book is an alphabet animal coloring book- meaning each page features one letter of the alphabet and an animal that starts with that letter. Example: A- alpaca, B- butterfly, C- chameleon, etc.

 This coloring book is perfect for adults or children who love to color intricate details.


ChickenPantsStudio has created the Flat Faced Friends Pug and French Bulldog Adult Coloring Book. Flat Faced Friends is an adult coloring book that features 30 original illustrations of pugs and French bulldogs to color. Go ahead and color our feels as warm and fuzzy.

Color our feels warm and cozy with these adult coloring books!


LightBurstMedia has created an adult coloring book digital download for those of us who can’t wait for the postman to deliver their purchases. This Magical Unicorns and Fairies coloring book is for anyone who loves fantasy, unicorns, or fairies. Grab your colored pencils or favorite markers and create a magical realm in your favorite coloring spot.

 Relax, Unwind, De-Stress, and Color In Your Dreams With These 35 Beautiful Detailed Unicorn and Fairy Illustrations with these adult coloring books


What are your favorite adult coloring books?

Unexpected Wall Decor

I moved into a new house earlier this year, and my walls are barren. (It took me four months to put the first nail in!) Needless to say, I’ve walked the house multiple times thinking about the right items to hang that are not only stylish but unexpected. I headed over to Etsy to search for wall decor that will fulfill my decorative needs, as well as allow me the opportunity to add touches of whimsy and cheeky fun to my living space.

Macrame has held a special place in my heart since I was a little girl growing up in the 70’s. I can remember my aunt painstakingly making a macrame owl and Christmas tree that still hang in my Grandmother’s home. This macrame wall hanging from Slow Down Productions is a serious contender for my living room space.

Unexpected Wall Decor for Your Home

My husband is a tennis player and this Vintage Wooden Tennis Racket fits his sporty side, and is a fun addition. This vintage Wright & Ditson racket is a unique find and will start guests talking should there be a lull in the conversation.

Unexpected Wall Decor for Your Home

What more could a gal ask for than a fabulous hare trophy head? This fake taxidermy wall hanging from Tilly Lane Treasures is ideal for my Southern/Mid-Century/Industrial house style. His bowtie certainly adds a sense of formality.

Unexpected Wall Decor for Your Home

Have party guests with bad bathroom etiquette? Let this photograph set them straight! “No Drinking in the Bathroom” is a photography print of an old sign that was hanging on in a former bar in Buffalo, New York. So funny, quirky, and unique, this photograph will add a touch of humor to any bathroom or powder room.

Unexpected Wall Decor For Your Home

We’re Batty Over Halloween

We’re going batty over Halloween! My mother used to have a rubber bat that she would hook to the ceiling fan every October and it would fly around the living room. Needless to say, Halloween was always a little precarious, as the string the bat was attached to would occasionally loosen and send it flying across the living room. I’m pretty sure that my reflexes are what they are today thanks to Mom and her Halloween bat. The bat is long gone so I’m sending her these fun batty crafts from Etsy so she can test the reflexes of her Grandchildren, just like she tested those of my sister and me.

Naomi over at fuzzonme has created this fun, needled felted plush loop Felt Halloween Bat that has an adorable yellow pumpkin. This is the kind of bat you want whizzing around the living room on the ceiling fan. (The bat comes with a linen string, I’d switch it out to something heavier duty if attaching to the ceiling fan, like fishing line.)

Felt Halloween Bat from fuzzonme

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t share a second helping of adorable Batty Halloween Fun from fuzzonme. Her shop is too adorable and this Halloween Witch Hat Bat (say that 5 times really fast) brings out the “WANT” in me.

Halloween Felt Witch Hat Bat by fuzzonme

Vinyl Halloween Bat Decals by stickythingz are handmade and cut in the U.S. from premium Oracal vinyl. While they’re not reusable, they are affordable, paint safe, and come in three different sizes and last for one year. If I knew I wouldn’t wake my teen up, I’d go in his room while he’s asleep and paste these all over the ceiling for a Halloween prank.

Halloween Bat Decals from stickythingz

Adorn yourself with handmade black skull earrings with black brass and verdigris bat charms from skeptis in Toronto. She’ll also swap the ear wires for hypoallergenic Niobium for those with sensitive ears.

Halloween Skull and Bat earrings

The Little EV shop from Ireland has hand sewn and punched from heavy (250 -290gsm) cardstock in black and glitter card paper in gold cardstock that she’s turned into Halloween Bat Garland. Since these are made to order, if you don’t live in the United States, you won’t receive them in time for Halloween, but you will be ready for next year!

Halloween Bat Garland


Halloween Finds: The spookiest soaps and hats on Etsy

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. The leaves are changing, the air is growing crisper, and we know it won’t be long before little ghouls and goblins grace our doorstep in their quest for treats.

Today, we’re crushing on these great handcrafted items over on Etsy.

Halloween Skull Soaps from AubreyEApothecary. These spooky gothic earl grey and black tea scented soaps will send a chill down the spine of your visitors while leaving them smelling terrific.

Halloween Skull Soap from AmberEApothecary on Etsy

Invite your friends and dazzle them by being the most stylish witch on the block with this Black Halloween Witch Hat by HandiCraftKate. This hand dyed hat is perfect for year round cosplay and will be the best headgear found at your LARPing group. What about the details? Kate has handblocked the hat from 100% wool, which is very soft, breathable, and practically weightless while being completely smooth and entirely seamless.

Felt Halloween Witch Hat from HandiCraft Kate #str8upcrafty

Do you need instant gratification? Enjoy these Halloween digital downloads from Kindertype. Each design features beautiful typography and cute, kid-friendly Halloween graphics in bold black and white (that won’t use all your printer ink!). Display them on the mantle, in the entry way, office or classroom.

Halloween Printables from Kindertype

All of these items are Straight Up Crafty.

Down on the Farm

Leticia grew up in the city and Lisa grew up in the country. Deep down inside, they both love the farmhouse look, gardening, canning, and all things which help make a farm girl. After a weekend of baking strawberry rhubarb pies and perfecting our yellow cake recipes, we’re looking to get our toes into the warm earth while working in our gardens.

As we continue our farm style obsession, we’re over at Etsy looking for great items for our home, imagining adding it to our decor.

Our first find is this great rustic, distressed farm sign by SunFla. It’s as fresh as newly turned earth and we both want it for our kitchen.

Farm Fresh on Etsy by SunFla

Photographs are a great way to dress up any home. This country kitchen photography shot by Marisa Kestel of a gorgeous egg, whisk and bowl creates the imagery of the perfect artisan breakfast.

The Artisan Breakfast

Imagine sitting down after a long day for a small snack and enjoying it on your Footed Platte™ from Grays Work Design. Made of rustic cherry wood and hand-rubbed with olive oil to protect the finish, it’s perfect to sit at while you peel an apple, or enjoy a heavier snack of charcuterie and wine.

Footed Platte™ by Gray Works Designs

Add a rustic touch to your entryway, kitchen, or bathroom with this handpainted, wooden farm fresh sign from Djantle on Etsy. It has a polyurethane clear coat to help protect it from the elements, while keeping the paint fresh and the wood sealed.  Farm Fresh


Weddings: A Feathery Affair

Weddings make us swoon. We await those beautiful invitations and will show up with handkerchiefs in hand to celebrate the beautiful day of loved ones. Who are we kidding, Lisa loves weddings so much, she’ll go to a complete strangers wedding if invited. Don’t believe us? Show her engraved stationary and she’s marking her calendar.

Today, we were ooh’ing and aah’ing over the stylish feather accessories on Etsy for weddings. There are so many amazing items we had to stop and share.

Fascinators are an easy to way to add a gorgeous hair accessory without requiring too much weight. They’re made for a semi-formal wedding and this bridal feather fascinator from Alice Hart Couture is absolutely lovely. The ivory flower combined with goose and ostrich feather and a crystal in the center helps the blushing bride make a fun, elegant statement.

Weddings: A Feathery Occasion {www.straightupcrafty.com}


For the bride with a little spring in her step, “bow” rhinestone/pearl and ostrich feather shoe adornments from Feathers and Frills have been featured in Martha Stewart weddings. Add a little fluttery movement to your shoes when kicking up your heels while kissing the one you love.

Weddings: A Feathery Affair {www.straightupcrafty.com}

Not wanting to leave out the grooms, Westerwisp has created the perfect raw cotton boll and dark feather boutonniere. It can serve a variety of meanings, whether representing the family farm or a love of the outdoors. Dried lichen and a dried, budded willow branch adds to its rustic appeal.

Weddings: A Feathery Affair {www.straightupcrafty.com}

Our final find this evening are these glorious muslin wedding favor bags. Hand stamped in brown ink with a peacock feather and “thank you,” they are the ideal thing to send a small token of your appreciation home with your guests.

Weddings: A Feathery Affair {www.straightupcrafty.com}

Disclaimer: None of this post was sponsored. We just really like girly wedding stuff and dream of repeating our vows on a mountain in Tibet or Fiji.


Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

It’s October 2 and we’re counting down days to when little Ghouls and Goblins will be knocking on our doors. With Halloween right around the corner, we’re featuring Halloween Trick or Treat Bags found on Etsy to help them carry their goodies for devouring (and for Mom and Dad’s late night bag diving!).

Midnite Hollow Limited Edition Halloween Drawstring Backpack

Midnite Hollow has created this limited edition Halloween drawstring backpack. Bag is constructed of heavy weight cotton and features Gothic style skulls and jack-o-lantern print. This inside is lined with black cotton and vintage style Halloween pin stripe print for the pocket.

Sister Onions has haunted us with their Witches Brew Trick or Treat Halloween bag. It’s a really cool trick or treat bag that any witch would be proud to carry on Halloween night! Lots of cool blues, blacks, whites and shades of gray.

Witches Brew Trick or Treat Bag by Sister Onions on Etsy

Spooky Monsters scare us, but this adorable Monster bag will make you coo over the scariest ones! Hugabug Kids has created this made-to-order tote, just pick the accent color!

Monster Tote Bag

This bag by Cheries Place on Etsy is adorable. We love the contrasting blue and orange reversible fabrics. It can be used for years to come.

Great Halloween Bag for Collecting Treats by Cherie's Place on Etsy


What is your favorite Halloween Trick or Treat Bag?

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What I’m Loving: IndependentReign — Market Tote

I popped over to Etsy to browse today and the first thing to pop out at me was this market tote bag from IndependentReign. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Made of jade colored linen, it’s the perfect summer color that can work equally well into late autumn, as well as early spring.

Jade Market Tote in Linen by Independent Reign

A casual linen tote bag in a beautiful, faded Jade color is sturdy enough for books and laptops, roomy enough for beach towels or a weekend trip and lightweight enough for every day use. This luxurious shade is muted enough to wear with almost anything, yet still adds a great shot of color to basic neutrals. Modern simplicity, classic styling and sturdy construction will keep you grabbing this versatile bag for just about everything!

Shop owner, Janine, got her start after leaving NYC to move to Hong Kong with her boyfriend. It was there she fell in love with the shops offering assorted sewing ephemera and taught herself to sew using online videos (and a wee bit of swearing). She’s back in NYC, now with her Yorkie and creates with passion, often spending hours in fabric shops looking for the perfect addition to her accessories line.

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