Unexpected Wall Decor

I moved into a new house earlier this year, and my walls are barren. (It took me four months to put the first nail in!) Needless to say, I’ve walked the house multiple times thinking about the right items to hang that are not only stylish but unexpected. I headed over to Etsy to search for wall decor that will fulfill my decorative needs, as well as allow me the opportunity to add touches of whimsy and cheeky fun to my living space.

Macrame has held a special place in my heart since I was a little girl growing up in the 70’s. I can remember my aunt painstakingly making a macrame owl and Christmas tree that still hang in my Grandmother’s home. This macrame wall hanging from Slow Down Productions is a serious contender for my living room space.

Unexpected Wall Decor for Your Home

My husband is a tennis player and this Vintage Wooden Tennis Racket fits his sporty side, and is a fun addition. This vintage Wright & Ditson racket is a unique find and will start guests talking should there be a lull in the conversation.

Unexpected Wall Decor for Your Home

What more could a gal ask for than a fabulous hare trophy head? This fake taxidermy wall hanging from Tilly Lane Treasures is ideal for my Southern/Mid-Century/Industrial house style. His bowtie certainly adds a sense of formality.

Unexpected Wall Decor for Your Home

Have party guests with bad bathroom etiquette? Let this photograph set them straight! “No Drinking in the Bathroom” is a photography print of an old sign that was hanging on in a former bar in Buffalo, New York. So funny, quirky, and unique, this photograph will add a touch of humor to any bathroom or powder room.

Unexpected Wall Decor For Your Home

Bringing Spring Into Your Home With Etsy — 5 Picks to Put the Fling Back in Spring

While it’s been spring for a few weeks, I’ve been waiting for the first signs to appear and I think I can say Spring has finally come to stay. Etsy has been lighting up with the Spring goodies and I’m sharing some of my favorites to invoke the colors, smells and sights of spring.

1. Photographs are perfect for adding a touch of spring to your home. I love London any time of year, but spring is my absolute favorite time to visit. I can bring London memories home with this fabulous photograph from Eye Poetry Photography of the blossoms in Notting Hill. Too bad I’m not Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant isn’t there to greet me in his travel bookshop.

I Love London in the Springtime Photograph in Notting Hill

2. Let the neighborhood know you’re celebrating spring with the addition of this Spring Forsythia Wreath from Country Prim. The gorgeous yellows in this twig style wreath is a welcome burst of color after gray winter days.

Spring Forsythia Wreath from Country Prim

3. The addition of fabric baskets in pastel checks from The Stitchin Chicken are great for decorative pieces, or as catch-alls for small items laying around the house.

Pastel Fabric Baskets from The Stitchin Chicken

4. Invoke the scent of spring in your home with a Grapefruit and Mangosteen candle from Jenny Bean Beautiful. Enjoy the lush scent of this 100% soy wax candle while the enjoying the punchy citrus fragrance.

Grapfruit and Mangosteen Candle

5. Add a touch of spring to your nails with Periwinkle Blossom Nail Polish from Kiss Your Elbows Polish. Not only is the color gorgeous, the proceeds go to the Alzheimers Foundation. You can look good and contribute to a great cause!

Periwinkle Blossom Kiss Your Elbow Nail Polish


We hope we’ve inspired you to bring a touch of spring into your home. Leave us a comment and let us know how you celebrate the arrival of Spring!