Etsy Shop We Heart: Lemons With A Pea by Robin Plemmons

There are things that are irresistible. One is our love of baked goods around Straight Up Crafty. Second is Robin Plemmons and her shop, Lemons With A Pea, at Etsy.

Things that are irresistible: YOU & old women with baked goods.

Robin Plemmons is an artist/ illustrator, a writer, and an overly enthusiastic (yet not annoying) cheerleader at heart. She makes greeting cards and paintings that aim to make you happy in your heart and pants area. Her motto is “balls to the wall, y’all” and valiantly attempts to live it out in all aspects of her life. She was voted “Best Indie Crafter” and “Blogger You’d Most Like To See Naked” in Western North Carolina. She has worked with American Greetings and her work can be seen in boutiques, art galleries, and here on She wants to encourage the shit out of you.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day and baked goods and Valentines go together like peanut butter and banana, we’re sharing one of our favorite cards from Lemons With A Pea.

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 7.25.46 PM


Robin loves it when people buy her cards. If you want more than one card and are a fan of bargains & laughter, you can get any four cards for $15 with free shipping right here:

Find her on the rest of the internets here: | FB: lemons with a pea | tweeters: @robinplemmons | pinterest: robinplemmons | instagram: robinplemmons |