We’re Obsessed with Adult Coloring Books

We’ve have been obsessing over adult coloring books for more than year. While our children allow us to color as adults without judgement they’re pretty sure we need to stay in the lines and not stray. Thanks to the renaissance of coloring books, and the genius who helped to create adult coloring books, we are obsessed. Our local craft and bookstores has filled our shelves with coloring books, but we are hunting something new. Today, we’re over at Etsy checking out the latest adult coloring books produced on a small scale.

Adult Coloring Books

Get out your colored pencils and markers and go to town coloring the brand new Coloring Book Volume #3 traveler’s notebook insert by YellowPaperHouse! This coloring book inset goes into your Midori Style Traveler’s notebooks, which means you can take them anywhere. We’re picturing large latte’s filled with caramel and an extended coloring sesh at our local coffee shop!

YellowPaperHouse adult coloring book


If you’re looking for intricate details, check out PaisleyandHazel’s Animal Coloring Book. Made for kids and adults who are looking for coloring books with that extra attention to detail. This book is an alphabet animal coloring book- meaning each page features one letter of the alphabet and an animal that starts with that letter. Example: A- alpaca, B- butterfly, C- chameleon, etc.

 This coloring book is perfect for adults or children who love to color intricate details.


ChickenPantsStudio has created the Flat Faced Friends Pug and French Bulldog Adult Coloring Book. Flat Faced Friends is an adult coloring book that features 30 original illustrations of pugs and French bulldogs to color. Go ahead and color our feels as warm and fuzzy.

Color our feels warm and cozy with these adult coloring books!


LightBurstMedia has created an adult coloring book digital download for those of us who can’t wait for the postman to deliver their purchases. This Magical Unicorns and Fairies coloring book is for anyone who loves fantasy, unicorns, or fairies. Grab your colored pencils or favorite markers and create a magical realm in your favorite coloring spot.

 Relax, Unwind, De-Stress, and Color In Your Dreams With These 35 Beautiful Detailed Unicorn and Fairy Illustrations with these adult coloring books


What are your favorite adult coloring books?

7 Letterpress Christmas Cards That Will Send You to the Top of Everyone’s List!

Christmas card giving is like a competitive sport or high school clique. Did they send me a card last year? No? Mass produced and no handwritten note for them! Small shops require extra time to print or letterpress your cards in time for the holiday season, so allow us to help you kick-start your search with our carefully selected selection of letterpress Christmas Cards from Etsy that will make your cards the must-have of the season!

50 Letterpress is creating gorgeous Christmas cards on their antique Chandler & Price Letterpress. This card is hand-penned and pressed on 110lb Crane Lettra pearl white soft cotton paper, making them as unique as you.

Letterpress Christmas Cards that will send you to the top of the Christmas Card list!

Echo Letterpress has created a card filled with tangled Christmas lights that would make Clark W. Griswold agree with the sentiment “Every @*%#! Year.” Don’t let the pesky tangles make your Christmas card plans go awry. With these letterpress beauties, you’ll have plenty of time for your own Griswold style shenanigans.

Letterpress Christmas Cards that will make your card the most sought after this holiday season!

Simply elegant is how we’d describe the Ho Ho Ho cards from Cardamom Press. Each card features a sprig of holly and a jolly “ho ho ho!” on the outside. The blank insides make them a perfect choice for season’s greetings, thank you notes, or even invites to your holiday festivities.

Ho Ho Ho Cards Letterpress Christmas Cards from Cardamom Press will ensure your Christmas Cards are the most coveted this season.

Santa can’t believe you made the nice list and this letterpress Christmas card from Lemon Zest Press will elicit a hearty Ho Ho Ho from family and friends while the most difficult thing you’ll have to do this season is decide who goes on which list.

Santa can't believe you made the nice list! 7 Letterpress Christmas Cards for 2015!

Send family and friends greetings with Scripture based Christmas cards  from Studio 3 Eleven. They’ll imprint your name at the bottom to personalize your cards and giving them that something extra.

7 Letterpress Christmas Cards that will make your card the most coveted of the season!

Ink Meets Paper has created this joyful “Joy” letterpress card set. The design was hand drawn by co-owner Allison Nadeau and pressed onto Crane Lettra 110lb pearl white paper.It will certainly bring joy to any recipient on your list.

Bring "Joy" to all of your loved ones this season with these letterpress Christmas Cards!

The Blue Birds Decorate card from Vandalia Street Press is simple and perfect to send to friends and family. Tiny blue birds decorate a tree void of its leaves with red baubles, preparing it for the holiday season.

Blue Birds Decorating a Christmas Tree is one of 7 letterpress Christmas Cards that will make your holidays brighter.

We’re Batty Over Halloween

We’re going batty over Halloween! My mother used to have a rubber bat that she would hook to the ceiling fan every October and it would fly around the living room. Needless to say, Halloween was always a little precarious, as the string the bat was attached to would occasionally loosen and send it flying across the living room. I’m pretty sure that my reflexes are what they are today thanks to Mom and her Halloween bat. The bat is long gone so I’m sending her these fun batty crafts from Etsy so she can test the reflexes of her Grandchildren, just like she tested those of my sister and me.

Naomi over at fuzzonme has created this fun, needled felted plush loop Felt Halloween Bat that has an adorable yellow pumpkin. This is the kind of bat you want whizzing around the living room on the ceiling fan. (The bat comes with a linen string, I’d switch it out to something heavier duty if attaching to the ceiling fan, like fishing line.)

Felt Halloween Bat from fuzzonme

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t share a second helping of adorable Batty Halloween Fun from fuzzonme. Her shop is too adorable and this Halloween Witch Hat Bat (say that 5 times really fast) brings out the “WANT” in me.

Halloween Felt Witch Hat Bat by fuzzonme

Vinyl Halloween Bat Decals by stickythingz are handmade and cut in the U.S. from premium Oracal vinyl. While they’re not reusable, they are affordable, paint safe, and come in three different sizes and last for one year. If I knew I wouldn’t wake my teen up, I’d go in his room while he’s asleep and paste these all over the ceiling for a Halloween prank.

Halloween Bat Decals from stickythingz

Adorn yourself with handmade black skull earrings with black brass and verdigris bat charms from skeptis in Toronto. She’ll also swap the ear wires for hypoallergenic Niobium for those with sensitive ears.

Halloween Skull and Bat earrings

The Little EV shop from Ireland has hand sewn and punched from heavy (250 -290gsm) cardstock in black and glitter card paper in gold cardstock that she’s turned into Halloween Bat Garland. Since these are made to order, if you don’t live in the United States, you won’t receive them in time for Halloween, but you will be ready for next year!

Halloween Bat Garland


Down on the Farm

Leticia grew up in the city and Lisa grew up in the country. Deep down inside, they both love the farmhouse look, gardening, canning, and all things which help make a farm girl. After a weekend of baking strawberry rhubarb pies and perfecting our yellow cake recipes, we’re looking to get our toes into the warm earth while working in our gardens.

As we continue our farm style obsession, we’re over at Etsy looking for great items for our home, imagining adding it to our decor.

Our first find is this great rustic, distressed farm sign by SunFla. It’s as fresh as newly turned earth and we both want it for our kitchen.

Farm Fresh on Etsy by SunFla

Photographs are a great way to dress up any home. This country kitchen photography shot by Marisa Kestel of a gorgeous egg, whisk and bowl creates the imagery of the perfect artisan breakfast.

The Artisan Breakfast

Imagine sitting down after a long day for a small snack and enjoying it on your Footed Platte™ from Grays Work Design. Made of rustic cherry wood and hand-rubbed with olive oil to protect the finish, it’s perfect to sit at while you peel an apple, or enjoy a heavier snack of charcuterie and wine.

Footed Platte™ by Gray Works Designs

Add a rustic touch to your entryway, kitchen, or bathroom with this handpainted, wooden farm fresh sign from Djantle on Etsy. It has a polyurethane clear coat to help protect it from the elements, while keeping the paint fresh and the wood sealed.  Farm Fresh


Etsy Easter Basket Picks — 2014

Etsy is our one-stop shop for Easter goodies and right now, we’re checking out Easter baskets and goodies we can put in for the kids. Little ones wake up on Easter morning ready for a basket filled with chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and marshmallow chickens. But, we’ve found a few things we like much better than just candy.

1.  Bunny Farts Lip Balm  by Howards Home — $3.50 — This carrot cake flavored lip balm is an all-natural, vegan balm just for little ips. Made to order, the hand-blended ingredients give a smooth, creamy, non-waxy, non-greasy lip balm.

Bunny Farts Lip Balm by Howard's Home

2. Personalized Easter Basket by Dickersons Designs – $45 — A hand-crafted, solid wood Easter basket to be used over and over. Whether the kids are collecting eggs, or displaying their treasures, this basket is available in 10 different finishes Personalized Wooden Easter Basket by Dickerson Designs .

3. Easter Caramel Chocolate Apple by The Atomic Apple — $15 for 2 — One of our favorite treats is chocolate covered apples. There’s much less guilt when eating chocolate surrounding a delicious apple. We’re sure the kids won’t complain.

Chocolate Caramel Covered Apple


4. Easter basket PDF sewing pattern from Birdsong Patterns — $5.95 — This e-book contains 27 pages and more than 60 photographs which show all the steps you’ll need to make this adorable tote. The hardest part will be fabric choices!

PDF Easter Basket

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What I’m Loving: IndependentReign — Market Tote

I popped over to Etsy to browse today and the first thing to pop out at me was this market tote bag from IndependentReign. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Made of jade colored linen, it’s the perfect summer color that can work equally well into late autumn, as well as early spring.

Jade Market Tote in Linen by Independent Reign

A casual linen tote bag in a beautiful, faded Jade color is sturdy enough for books and laptops, roomy enough for beach towels or a weekend trip and lightweight enough for every day use. This luxurious shade is muted enough to wear with almost anything, yet still adds a great shot of color to basic neutrals. Modern simplicity, classic styling and sturdy construction will keep you grabbing this versatile bag for just about everything!

Shop owner, Janine, got her start after leaving NYC to move to Hong Kong with her boyfriend. It was there she fell in love with the shops offering assorted sewing ephemera and taught herself to sew using online videos (and a wee bit of swearing). She’s back in NYC, now with her Yorkie and creates with passion, often spending hours in fabric shops looking for the perfect addition to her accessories line.

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Bringing Spring Into Your Home With Etsy — 5 Picks to Put the Fling Back in Spring

While it’s been spring for a few weeks, I’ve been waiting for the first signs to appear and I think I can say Spring has finally come to stay. Etsy has been lighting up with the Spring goodies and I’m sharing some of my favorites to invoke the colors, smells and sights of spring.

1. Photographs are perfect for adding a touch of spring to your home. I love London any time of year, but spring is my absolute favorite time to visit. I can bring London memories home with this fabulous photograph from Eye Poetry Photography of the blossoms in Notting Hill. Too bad I’m not Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant isn’t there to greet me in his travel bookshop.

I Love London in the Springtime Photograph in Notting Hill

2. Let the neighborhood know you’re celebrating spring with the addition of this Spring Forsythia Wreath from Country Prim. The gorgeous yellows in this twig style wreath is a welcome burst of color after gray winter days.

Spring Forsythia Wreath from Country Prim

3. The addition of fabric baskets in pastel checks from The Stitchin Chicken are great for decorative pieces, or as catch-alls for small items laying around the house.

Pastel Fabric Baskets from The Stitchin Chicken

4. Invoke the scent of spring in your home with a Grapefruit and Mangosteen candle from Jenny Bean Beautiful. Enjoy the lush scent of this 100% soy wax candle while the enjoying the punchy citrus fragrance.

Grapfruit and Mangosteen Candle

5. Add a touch of spring to your nails with Periwinkle Blossom Nail Polish from Kiss Your Elbows Polish. Not only is the color gorgeous, the proceeds go to the Alzheimers Foundation. You can look good and contribute to a great cause!

Periwinkle Blossom Kiss Your Elbow Nail Polish


We hope we’ve inspired you to bring a touch of spring into your home. Leave us a comment and let us know how you celebrate the arrival of Spring!

Tesler + Mendelovitch — Wearable Wood

Tesler + Medelovitch is quite possibly the most eye catching textile design and development team I’ve seen in quite some time. T+M incubate and create totally original, never-before-seen materials, transforming them into high quality custom-made products for industry, art and fashion.

Wood as a textile

Wood Clutch by Tesler + Mendelovitch

Their recent work has resulted in the transformation of wood into a new textile. The texture, properties and appearance of our “wearable wood” series as a simultaneously delicate, flexible, durable material, we researched the potential of integrating these opposing elements to form new product identities.

T+M’s goal of creating original materials from “the ground up” demands an intensive incubation period of careful thought, experimentation, research, as well as tremendous effort to convert their vision into a unified aesthetic, technical and functional product.

Tesler Mendolovitch Creme Clutch

Featuring a magnetic clasp and a soft underbelly for a comfortable grip, all wood used in our designs is hand-selected, individually and meticulously crafted to a high quality standard.

This thought of wood as a textile is brilliant and the geometric angles creates an architectural looking “skin” for this clutch that provides flexibility. These clutches are constructed of 100% wood, 100% hide, making them delicate and wear resilient.  Tesler Mendelovitch Americano Wooden Clutch

Orli Tesler + Itamar Mendelovitch
We are a design couple and have been working together for 5 years. We met at school and founded a mutual friendship based on polarizing design philosophies. We design our middle ground and somehow it works!
Shop their products on Etsy:

Find them on Facebook:

And on Pinterest:



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Etsy Sellers We Heart: Super Love for BabyPop Designs

One of our favorite companies that we have super love for is BabyPop Designs. We first met Sherry from BabyPop at the Type-A Parent Conference in 2010 and fell in love with her capes faster than the speed of light!

Each cape is handcrafted with loving care to your specifications and based on your child’s favorite cape colors, and logo. The personalized initial make them a REAL superhero or princess. Her superhero capes shields and custom letters use felt made from recycled soda bottles, so her products are good for the environment and fun for the kids to dress-up!

Saving one backyard at a time!

BabyPop SuperHero Capes

BabyPop is more than just capes. They are purveyors of full costumes, SuperHero Masks, gloves and will even dress up your favorite teddy bear or four-legged friend! Want one for yourself? Sherry makes costumes for adults as well. We’re thinking about capes that say “Crafty Gals!”

You can find Sherry’s designs over at BabyPop and on Etsy. Tell her Straight Up Crafty sent you!


Etsy Shop We Heart: Lemons With A Pea by Robin Plemmons

There are things that are irresistible. One is our love of baked goods around Straight Up Crafty. Second is Robin Plemmons and her shop, Lemons With A Pea, at Etsy.

Things that are irresistible: YOU & old women with baked goods.

Robin Plemmons is an artist/ illustrator, a writer, and an overly enthusiastic (yet not annoying) cheerleader at heart. She makes greeting cards and paintings that aim to make you happy in your heart and pants area. Her motto is “balls to the wall, y’all” and valiantly attempts to live it out in all aspects of her life. She was voted “Best Indie Crafter” and “Blogger You’d Most Like To See Naked” in Western North Carolina. She has worked with American Greetings and her work can be seen in boutiques, art galleries, and here on Etsy.com. She wants to encourage the shit out of you.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day and baked goods and Valentines go together like peanut butter and banana, we’re sharing one of our favorite cards from Lemons With A Pea.

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 7.25.46 PM


Robin loves it when people buy her cards. If you want more than one card and are a fan of bargains & laughter, you can get any four cards for $15 with free shipping right here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/90475913/pick-4

Find her on the rest of the internets here: ballstothewallyall.com | FB: lemons with a pea | tweeters: @robinplemmons | pinterest: robinplemmons | instagram: robinplemmons | AimingLow.com