Down on the Farm

Leticia grew up in the city and Lisa grew up in the country. Deep down inside, they both love the farmhouse look, gardening, canning, and all things which help make a farm girl. After a weekend of baking strawberry rhubarb pies and perfecting our yellow cake recipes, we’re looking to get our toes into the warm earth while working in our gardens.

As we continue our farm style obsession, we’re over at Etsy looking for great items for our home, imagining adding it to our decor.

Our first find is this great rustic, distressed farm sign by SunFla. It’s as fresh as newly turned earth and we both want it for our kitchen.

Farm Fresh on Etsy by SunFla

Photographs are a great way to dress up any home. This country kitchen photography shot by Marisa Kestel of a gorgeous egg, whisk and bowl creates the imagery of the perfect artisan breakfast.

The Artisan Breakfast

Imagine sitting down after a long day for a small snack and enjoying it on your Footed Platte™ from Grays Work Design. Made of rustic cherry wood and hand-rubbed with olive oil to protect the finish, it’s perfect to sit at while you peel an apple, or enjoy a heavier snack of charcuterie and wine.

Footed Platte™ by Gray Works Designs

Add a rustic touch to your entryway, kitchen, or bathroom with this handpainted, wooden farm fresh sign from Djantle on Etsy. It has a polyurethane clear coat to help protect it from the elements, while keeping the paint fresh and the wood sealed.  Farm Fresh


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