National Pound Cake Day

Today is National Pound Cake Day. Pound cakes hold a special place in my heart, so much my wedding cake was frosted layers of chocolate and vanilla pound cake. So it’s only natural I wax poetic for a few minutes about my love of all that is pound cake.

Pound cake is a dense, moist cake that got it’s name because it was baked with a pound each of flour, butter, sugar and eggs. I prefer to use my Grandmother’s recipe which is not an exact science, and is filled with dashes and splashes, leaving a burst of lemon on your palate. 

To help you bake your own pound cake, I’ve rounded up some of the best recipes online that will keep you baking and happy!

America’s Test Kitchen has always been my go-to source for recipes that are somewhat fussy to create and they didn’t fail with this recreation of the classic pound cake.

America's Test Kitchen Pound Cake Recipe

The Joy of Baking has taken all the guess work out of pound cake baking with this video demonstration.

Are you enjoying a pound cake today? Let us know in the comments!

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