Valentine’s Day Cards {Etsy Edition}

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is in two weeks? I’m still sitting here wondering how 2013 flew by so quickly. Nothing to cure those time flying by blues like sharing your heart with the ones you love. What better way to do that than to round up a few Valentine’s Day Cards on Etsy.

Old-fashioned Valentine’s Day cards get me *right here* every single time. Especially hand made cards. They say “I cared enough to buy this from someone who put their heart and soul into it” or “I worked really hard to make this card for you and it’s so much better than any card you could ever buy from a store.” No matter what, it’s a small gesture that speaks volume to the recipient.

We are in love with this old-timey Valentine’s Day card by Diamond Dust Studio. Made of craft paper and embroidered with red hearts and scroll work, as well as candy coated messages, it’s the card you send when you want to make a statement.

Old-Timey Valentine's Day Cards by Diamond Dust Designs

Kissing hedgehogs say “Be Mine” in the cutest way possible. Jilly Bean Designs die-cut cards are perfect to send to the big and little kids whose hearts you’re wanting to steal.

Kissing Hedgehogs by Jilly Bean Designs

Printable Milk and Cookies Valentine’s Day cards by Sunday Girl Designs are too sweet! They’re great for a parents. You only have to have your child’s name added to the file, or left blank so they can sign it themselves. Just make sure you have enough ink!

Milk and Cookies Valentine's Day Cards

My husband and I do not buy each other sentimental Valentine’s Day cards, or any cards, unless they can bring us to tears from laughing so hard. Which is why this card, created by Sweet Perversion, is right up my alley.

I love you like a back-alley hooker loves crack.


What is your favorite Valentine’s Day sentiment?

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Little Hands

Little hands love to create, and I’m rounding up some great Valentine’s Day Crafts from Pinterest they’ll love!

This fun fish made entirely of hearts will let everyone know you have an ocean full of love for them!

Bee Mine! This crafty bee art project will have everyone buzzing!

Construction paper and glue dots are all you need to create these beautiful Valentine’s Day wreaths for your home or favorite teacher.

Have you ever wondered what to do with all of the wine corks? (What, that’s just us?) Here’s an adorable upcycled craft for little hands!

Make a love bug with your little love bug.This super easy craft from Our Family World Magazine is too cute for words!

What are you crafting? Reach out and tell us. We’d love to hear from you!

Shinola — American Made in Detroit

We’re straight up crushing on Shinola. They believe in American manufacturing and that they can be part of its revitalization. Shinola is making an investment, bringing old buildings back to life, creating jobs, and reinvigorating the idea that the American Brand is not dead. Personally, I grew up with a family so deep in the American textile industry, that I remember the cry to “Buy American” and “invest in your community” and that is exactly what Shinola is doing. They are investing in the American Dream.

When looking at the Shinola website and reading their section on “The Places We Work” you can see the history and pride in the people who’ve worked in the manufacturing sector for almost as long as I’ve been alive and they are still there. They are there because of pride and because they love what they do. Loving what you do makes such a difference when producing high quality goods.

Shinola Runwell Watch for Men

Producing high-quality, handcrafted products is a collaborative enterprise. That’s why we’ve partnered with a group of extraordinary American manufacturers whose obsession with craftsmanship and quality matches our own. Each of our partners, from Horween Leather to Waterford Precision Cycles, has a long legacy of making products that are beautiful, meaningful, and made to last.

Why not accept that manufacturing is gone from this country? Why not let the rust and weeds finish what they started? Why not just embrace the era of disposability?

Through two Detroit winters, we’ve asked ourselves these questions. And worked not to find our answer, but to build it.

Because we don’t think American manufacturing ever failed for being too good. Our worst didn’t come when we were at our best. It happened when we thought good was good enough.

It’s a tall order to return to form, but we’re up for it. We’re starting with the reinvigoration of a storied American brand, and a storied American city. Because we believe in the beauty of industry. The glory of manufacturing.

It’s why we are here. Making an investment in skill, at scale. Creating a community that will thrive through excellence of craft and pride of work. Where we will reclaim the making of things that are made well. And define American luxury through American quality.

The Shinola bikes are a personal favorite. The Women’s Bixby has now been given full priority at the top of my “want” list and I’ve printed photos to hang around my desk and in various parts at home. Each Shinola bicycle undergoes a precise, custom-level assembly by experts Shinola’s Detroit workshop within the College for Creative Studies. Shinola believes there’s only one way to properly build a bicycle, and that’s one at a time, by hand, with rigorous attention to detail and using only the highest quality components available. Click here to view a short film about their frame production in Wisconsin and assembly operations in Detroit.

Shinola Bixby Bicycle for Women


Is manufacturing a lost cause? Or experiencing a rebirth?

Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

It’s October 2 and we’re counting down days to when little Ghouls and Goblins will be knocking on our doors. With Halloween right around the corner, we’re featuring Halloween Trick or Treat Bags found on Etsy to help them carry their goodies for devouring (and for Mom and Dad’s late night bag diving!).

Midnite Hollow Limited Edition Halloween Drawstring Backpack

Midnite Hollow has created this limited edition Halloween drawstring backpack. Bag is constructed of heavy weight cotton and features Gothic style skulls and jack-o-lantern print. This inside is lined with black cotton and vintage style Halloween pin stripe print for the pocket.

Sister Onions has haunted us with their Witches Brew Trick or Treat Halloween bag. It’s a really cool trick or treat bag that any witch would be proud to carry on Halloween night! Lots of cool blues, blacks, whites and shades of gray.

Witches Brew Trick or Treat Bag by Sister Onions on Etsy

Spooky Monsters scare us, but this adorable Monster bag will make you coo over the scariest ones! Hugabug Kids has created this made-to-order tote, just pick the accent color!

Monster Tote Bag

This bag by Cheries Place on Etsy is adorable. We love the contrasting blue and orange reversible fabrics. It can be used for years to come.

Great Halloween Bag for Collecting Treats by Cherie's Place on Etsy


What is your favorite Halloween Trick or Treat Bag?

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What I’m Loving: IndependentReign — Market Tote

I popped over to Etsy to browse today and the first thing to pop out at me was this market tote bag from IndependentReign. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Made of jade colored linen, it’s the perfect summer color that can work equally well into late autumn, as well as early spring.

Jade Market Tote in Linen by Independent Reign

A casual linen tote bag in a beautiful, faded Jade color is sturdy enough for books and laptops, roomy enough for beach towels or a weekend trip and lightweight enough for every day use. This luxurious shade is muted enough to wear with almost anything, yet still adds a great shot of color to basic neutrals. Modern simplicity, classic styling and sturdy construction will keep you grabbing this versatile bag for just about everything!

Shop owner, Janine, got her start after leaving NYC to move to Hong Kong with her boyfriend. It was there she fell in love with the shops offering assorted sewing ephemera and taught herself to sew using online videos (and a wee bit of swearing). She’s back in NYC, now with her Yorkie and creates with passion, often spending hours in fabric shops looking for the perfect addition to her accessories line.

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Moore and Giles: Leather Bags and Accessories

Late last year, my husband and I were out for jaunt and spotted an Airstream in a shopping center. Airstreams aren’t uncommon, but when they’re parked in a high-end shopping center and there are leather goods everywhere, then it calls for further investigation. We discovered Moore & Giles and some of the finest natural leather goods we’d seen in quite some time.

Founded in 1933 in Lynchburg, Va., Moore and Giles is dedicated to designing and developing the most innovative and luxurious natural leathers for the high-end hospitality, aviation and residential interior design industries. In January 2007, they introduced a collection of leather bags and accessories as an additional avenue to showcase the inherent beauty and timeless appeal of natural leathers. 

My husband loves artisan goods as much as I do and fell in love with pretty much everything they had in the back of their custom Airstream trailer. He bought the Donald Dopp Kit in Tuscany Cognac — a must for the well-groomed traveler. The roomy compartment has a waterproof lining and two interior zipped pockets. It’s perfect for when he’s traveling for work, as well as weekend trips. It carries everything he needs, without him having to worry about what could wind up on his clothes.

When I take the bag and look at it really closely, you can see the quality not only in the leather and the way it was treated during the tanning process, but in the actual manufacturing of the product. The stitching is immaculate and you can’t tell where the leather ends and the lining begins as it is seamless.

Moore and Giles Donald Dopp Kit in Tuscany Cognac

The mission of Moore & Giles, Inc., is to be the leading designer and supplier of the world’s most unique and innovative leathers and accessories with a commitment to excellence in both quality and customer service, guided by the simple principles of honesty, fairness, integrity and common courtesy.

Moore & Giles Campaign Chair


I really want the Moore & Giles Campaign Chair for ball games, etc. Sadly, my husband isn’t convinced.
Moore and Giles Gail Portfolio

However, I might be able to convince him I need the Gail Portfolio. Wait. Leticia and I both might need the portfolio. Thank goodness it comes in different colors.

What are you looking for in quality leather? Does anything shared here tickle your fancy?

Charleston Coffee Exchange — Local Coffee in the Holy City

On a recent trip to Charleston, my first stop was the Charleston Coffee Exchange. For those that know me, this isn’t a surprise. Finding a local coffee shop is always the first thing on my to-do list when traveling. They are the heart and soul of the cities they are housed in. Coffee shops are where you find the local crowd congregating for a cup of coffee, worshiping over freshly brewed joe, while lustily inhaling the smells of freshly brewed beans as if it were their last.
Charleston Coffee Exchange
I was lucky enough to step into Charleston Coffee Exchange after three hours on the road and a cup that had been empty far too long. The silky, deep aroma of coffee beans was heavy in the air, and I knew I had found a place I could call my home away from home.  Sitting in the middle of the store, behind bushels of the most beautiful coffee beans I’d ever seen, was their roaster. It was a nondescript piece of equipment, but I knew it was there to make alchemy that is only described as heaven in a cup.

The owner of Charleston Coffee Exchange, Paul, is a master roaster and has been roasting coffee for over seven (7) years. He was hands on in his education, visiting the coffee plantation of Coasta Rica and learning everything about coffee from the ground up. He’s got amazing knowledge about the process of coffee and is always to share his love with you.
Charleston Coffee Exchange Beans
I brought home two bags of their freshly roasted French Roast. The obsidian color and flavors make my taste buds sing — especially if laced with a blast of icy cold cream. One bag was to go to Leticia, but I’ve not had the heart to tell her my husband opened it this past weekend and, before I knew it, had prepared two pots of coffee. This just means I get to go back to Charleston in the next few weeks for work. I could order it online, but half the fun is in the adventure!

My friend, Dee, was with me and she bought a bag of their Irish Cream flavored coffee. I’m not big on flavored coffee, but I tried hers and have to say it was easy on my palate and quite good. It didn’t leave an aftertaste that most flavored coffees leave.

Charleston Coffee Roasters is now on my list of must-visit locations every time I’m in the Charleston. Next time you’re down Charleston-way, stop in Charleston Coffee Exchange and tell them the Crafty Gals sent you!
Charleston Coffee Exchange Beans and Crank

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Bringing Spring Into Your Home With Etsy — 5 Picks to Put the Fling Back in Spring

While it’s been spring for a few weeks, I’ve been waiting for the first signs to appear and I think I can say Spring has finally come to stay. Etsy has been lighting up with the Spring goodies and I’m sharing some of my favorites to invoke the colors, smells and sights of spring.

1. Photographs are perfect for adding a touch of spring to your home. I love London any time of year, but spring is my absolute favorite time to visit. I can bring London memories home with this fabulous photograph from Eye Poetry Photography of the blossoms in Notting Hill. Too bad I’m not Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant isn’t there to greet me in his travel bookshop.

I Love London in the Springtime Photograph in Notting Hill

2. Let the neighborhood know you’re celebrating spring with the addition of this Spring Forsythia Wreath from Country Prim. The gorgeous yellows in this twig style wreath is a welcome burst of color after gray winter days.

Spring Forsythia Wreath from Country Prim

3. The addition of fabric baskets in pastel checks from The Stitchin Chicken are great for decorative pieces, or as catch-alls for small items laying around the house.

Pastel Fabric Baskets from The Stitchin Chicken

4. Invoke the scent of spring in your home with a Grapefruit and Mangosteen candle from Jenny Bean Beautiful. Enjoy the lush scent of this 100% soy wax candle while the enjoying the punchy citrus fragrance.

Grapfruit and Mangosteen Candle

5. Add a touch of spring to your nails with Periwinkle Blossom Nail Polish from Kiss Your Elbows Polish. Not only is the color gorgeous, the proceeds go to the Alzheimers Foundation. You can look good and contribute to a great cause!

Periwinkle Blossom Kiss Your Elbow Nail Polish


We hope we’ve inspired you to bring a touch of spring into your home. Leave us a comment and let us know how you celebrate the arrival of Spring!

Pinterest Pi Day Pie Roundup

March 14 is also known as Pi Day. That day that celebrates all things Pi. The number π is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, and is approximately equal to 3.14159. Just thinking about math this early in the morning makes us hungry and what better way to celebrate Pi day than a round-up of pie recipes from Pinterest!

1. Who doesn’t love a Brown Sugar Buttermilk Pie. This one from une gamine dans la cuisine is going in my oven this afternoon.


2. This Old Fashioned Tomato Pie is just perfect for a summer meal when your tomato vines are at peak production.


3. Pumpkin Pie is a must have for Pi Day. We love this recipe from Hide the Cheese.


4. It’s nearly St. Patrick’s Day and we’d be remiss if we didn’t share the yummy Steak and Guinness Pie from The Cutting Edge of Ordinary.


5. Leticia loves a great apple pie, so to finish off this Pi day Pie Roundup, we’ve included this fantastic apple pie from Garnish with Lemon.


Do you have a favorite pie recipe or pin you’d like to share with us? Please let us know in the comments and Happy Eating!

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High Cotton — Made in the South

High Cotton is a family owned company out of Raleigh, NC. High Cotton started out offering washable, 100% Cotton Bow Ties and Cummerbunds Hand-Made in North Carolina. By supporting the revival of North Carolina’s textile history by choosing to hand-cut and hand-sew their products locally, they have found it resonates deeply with customers. What separates their company is the commitment to classic southern mainstays such as tattersails, ginghams, and madras plaids. High Cotton’s goal is to present a conscientious, practical alternative to customers who like the timeless element of a cotton bow tie and live its comfortable feel.

High Cotton Spring 2013 Bow Ties

They have expanded upon their original line with an addition of headbands for women and girls made in the same beautiful prints, a line of Bow Ties for boys and t-shirts for adults. Their newest addition is the Made in the South Polo. These polo shirts are 100% North Carolina cotton that is processed and sewn without leaving the state. Imagine a product that only travels 574 miles from raw cotton in the field to to the finished product, at a cost that is comparable to any large name brand you’d buy in a department store.


My husband wasn’t raised in the South and therefore, has just begun to appreciate the art of the Bow Tie. I’m pretty sure after perusing the wares at High Cotton he’s going to have quite a list. Personally, I’m crushing on the headbands and would love one in each fabric, but do believe a madras one is in my future, just in time for summer.


High Cotton will also help you create custom bow ties and cummerbunds to complement your bridesmaids’ dresses for your wedding. These bespoke keepsakes can be made with your own fabric or by sending them your wedding colors and they can make several selections for you to choose from. You can add monogramming to make your gift truly unique.

It is High Cotton’s hope they will be able to “extend itself to our customers as a helping hand to properly reflect their individuality, in good conscience and in good style. Knowing that all of our products represent the revival of a southern tradition, we are more than happy to welcome you as a part of our mission.”

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